Physio / Sports Physio

Understanding Sport Inside Out

Sports Physiotherapy (Physio) is the specialised area of Physio that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and achieving and maintaining optimal sports performance.

Physio Sports Physio Burleigh Labrador Runaway Bay Gold Coast Pilates MassagePhysios using the title “APA Sports Physio” have extensive postgraduate qualifications and experience in the management of sports and sports people.
They have undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure they have the level of experience and knowledge to be awarded the Sports Physio title.

People of all ages and sporting abilities can benefit from seeing a Sports Physio, including:

  • recreational athletes
  • elite athletes
  • athletes with disabilities
  • sports teams and associated individuals

Sports Physios can:

  • optimize your return to sports after injury
  • manage and prevent sporting and general injuries
  • advise you on improving your fitness and health
  • improve your posture and resolve muscle imbalances
  • improve your flexibility & prescribe appropriate stretch programs
  • improve muscle strength and control
  • prescribe specific exercise programs for:
    • strength and power
    • agility and balance
    • bone health
    • core stability
  • provide on-field sporting care
  • advise on warm-up, cool-down, recovery and basic sports nutrition
  • liase well with coaches and other athletic support staff to maximize your performance
  • enhance your sporting performance & analyse your technique for improved performance

Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Physiotherapy Members

APA members keep up-to-date with the latest advances in physiotherapy and allied health so that each client receives the best care available.

A Doctor’s referral is not necessary for you to see an APA Physio unless you are claiming from Sports or Motor Vehicle Insurance, Workers Compensation or the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care programs.

For more information on finding an APA Physio or an Australia Sports Physio, you can go to the APA website and use FIND A PHYSIO or contact the APA on (03) 9534 9400.