Sports Performance Nutrition

gold coast dietitianEat Smart Nutrition Consultants at Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health can provide you with Sports Performance Nutrition guidance.

You are able to consult with our Accredited Dietitions on these topics below by booking a standard private Dietitian consultation, or at a discounted rate through purchasing an Exercise Test Pack.

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Sports Performance Nutrition Topics

Session 1: Initial Body composition Assessment (Skinfolds)

Our Sports Dietitians are specially trained ISAK accredited anthropometrists and will take measurements of your weight and surface anthropometry (skin folds). This will provide excellent baseline data by which to compare future measurements, useful for those undertaking a program to alter their physique (e.g. whose goal is to lose body fat and/or gain lean mass).

Session 2: Review Body composition Assessment

This session involves conducting repeat measurements taken from session 1, to compare & provide feedback on changes in body fat&/or lean mass. Talk to your Sports Dietitian about the best timing for this.

Session 3: Pre & Post Training Preparation and Recovery Practices

In this session,  individualised nutrition strategies are developed for the pre, during and post training period in order to optimise training performance, and enhance post training recovery and refueling.

Session 4: Daily fueling for health and immunity

In this session , an assessment of your day to day training diet will be completed, and develop individualised goals and strategies to meet daily nutrition requirements for exercise, good health, and immunity.

Session 5: Race Day Nutrition plans

You will leave this session with an individualised race day nutrition & hydration plan to optimize your race performance.

Session 6: Hydration assessment & monitoring

Prior to this session, you will be given tools to assess your current individual sweat rates and rehydration strategies. From this, an individualized hydration plan for both training & competition to optimize performance will be provided.

Specialised Session: Sweat Sodium Testing

This testing is beneficial for those who have had long standing issues with hydration, rehydration and or cramping during training and competition. During this session youwill complete a 15-20 minute race pace effort on the equipment at the Clinic. Sweat patches are collected and sent away for analysis at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The results from this can be used to develop an individualized hydration and sodium replacement plan (See session 6). This testing costs an additional $50 for use of AIS facilities.