Physio Pilates & Exercise Classes

What is Pilates

Pilates (pronounced “pilartees”) is a system of physical and mental conditioning developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the 1920’s.  Born in Germany in 1880, Pilates was a sickly child who overcame his ailments with exercises that focused on strengthening deep torso muscles which are essential in supporting the spine and posture.

While in England working as a nurse, Pilates found these exercises helped injured and sick soldiers following World War I.  He then moved to New York where dancers, professional athletes and entertainment stars were also experiencing the benefits (of pilates).

Physio Pilates, or “Clinical Pilates” was developed by physiotherapists in the early 1990’s (especially in Australia). This involved combining pilates exercises developed by Joseph Pilates with well established physiotherapy concepts to enhance the outcomes of physio treatment/management.

It is a form of exercise that is used to reduce pain (with extensive research showing many benefits for Back Pain in particular), rehab from injury, enhance post-operative rehab, maintain & improve athletic performance, & enhance general well-being,

How does it work?

Physio or Clinical Pilates follows 6 key principles (the 6 “C’s”):

  1. Centring – activating the smaller (tonic) muscles to stabilise the spine and proximal segments
  2. Conscious Breathing – conscious and correct inspiration breathing (diaphragmatic) to stabilise the spine and trunk
  3. Core Alignment – “neutral” positions are maintained around the joints of the body
  4. Control – limit movement to ranges that can be controlled with progression of range achieved
  5. Concentration – intentional and informed mental focus on the body part/s
  6. Coordination – feeling of ease during a movement

While these principles provide the foundation for pilates, applying them to any form of exercise will generally produce a safer and more effective movement.

The original pilates repertoire was done on the floor (matwork).  Modern day pilates may also incorporate the use of a variety of apparatus’ to allow a greater range of exercises and progression of exercises.  The most common is a piece of equipment called a reformer, which uses springs to provide resistance.  Others include a trapeze table or cadillac, wunda chair, exercise balls/discs and the new dynamic barrel designed by our very own Sports & Performance Physio, Erin Fitzgerald.

Who can benefit from our Pilates/ Exercise Classes?

In short, everyone can benefit from one of our Exercise Classes. Whether you’re looking for improved sports performance, recovering from injury or surgery, or you simply wish to improve your general well-being, we will individualise your needs and accommodate your goal/s.

Regardless of your background you will improve your control, strength, flexibility and balance.

Pilates & Exercise Class Options

At GCPSH, we consider Physio pilates just like any individualised exercise- the exercises you perform are dependent on your goals & needs. Exercises are tailored specifically for you! The exercises can be gentle & progressive, or strenuous & challenging depending on your need. You will be asked to attend a ‘Screening’ Appointment prior to your first Physio Pilates classes where your goals & needs will be discussed & assessed, and this will help your Therapist individualise the exercises to you. Health Fund rebates are available for this consult & it may involve the use of the Real-Time Ultrasound machine to assess the function of your deep pelvic floor, abdominal or back muscles.

Here at Gold Coast Physio and Sports Health, we have 4 options for you to join our pilates & exercise classes:

30/45min individual session

pilates gold coast physio

1-on-1 session or private group with your physio or our pilates instructor. May involve use of equipment and/or matwork. These sessions may be booked at anytime as a standard physio consultation or with our pilates instructor.

These sessions are 100% tailored to your needs & goals, and health fund rebates are available for physio-directed classes.

45/60min small group class

Clinical Pilates Physio Pilates

Classes are taken by our qualified Pilates Physio’s or Exercise Physiologists. We have a maximum of 4 clients per session. Involves the use of equipment and/or floor exercises and are best suited to clients with pathology or on-going injury or pain, and/or needing very specific exercise rehabilitation. Our class types include Pilates, Body Maintenance, Improve Gym/Crossfit Technique, Stretch/Mobiltiy, Osteoarthritis & Falls Prevention.


1 hour group classes

These classes are kept small so that you receive individualised attention and will be a combination of floor and equipment. Best suited to those who want maintenance pilates exercise programs and/or fitness pilates programs, or those who have progressed from needing Physio Pilates. Classes are conducted by our qualified Exercise Physiologist or Pilates Instructor so Health Fund Rebates may be available.

Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates Classes

Katie Harders is our qualified Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist with a passion for Mums n Bubs. Conducted over 8-weeks, we have a ‘Mums Only’ class option or a ‘Mums n Bubs’ option. Click here for more details

Timetable of Classes

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Health Fund rebates are available if you have physio or pilates coverage for most classes. Enhanced Primary Care Medicare referrals from your GP can be used for Exercise/Physio Pilates or for our Osteoarthritis & Falls Prevention classes.


Health Fund Rebates can be used as you go & there are no use-by dates so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to really feel the benefits of a regular Exercise / Pilates Class that is focused on your individual body aches and pain, weaknesses, and poor postures.   Consider the benefits today!

Bookings are essential for all pilates/exercise sessions & advance bookings are advised to maintain your place in a class.

Ph (07) 5500 6470 to book.

Cancellation policy applies to all services at GCPSH.