Powerbreathe for Sports Performance

POWERbreathe training uses the principles of resistance training to ‘overload’ the inspiratory muscle, improving their strength, power and endurance in less than four weeks.

 The easiest 5% performance improvement you will get!

powerbreathe gold coast sports physioHow does it work?

The POWERbreathe is a completely adjustable, drug free, hand held device that provides resistance to breathing.   Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arms muscles, breathing training using the POWERbreathe device makes your inspiratory muscles (the muscles we use to breathe in) work harder, increasing their strength, power and endurance. We call it ‘dumbbells for your diaphragm’.

Independent lab tests have shown that POWERbreathe training:

  • Improved cycle time trial performance by up to 4.6% equating to a massive 3min off a 40km race
  • Improved rowing time trial performance by up to 2.2% equating to 60m off  a 2km race
  • Accelerating recovery during repeated sprints by up to 7%
  • Increased swimming performance by up to 3.5%

How often do I need to use it?

Our Exercise Physiologist will test your inspiratory muscle strength, endurance whilst assessing your breathing technique. You will be prescribed a POWERbreathe training program tailored to meet help you achieve your performance goals. Training on the POWERbreathe device only takes a few minutes a day.

Why train the Inspiratory muscles

As the intensity of the exercise increases, our inspiratory muscles work harder to ensure our body and exercising muscles have an adequate supply of oxygen.  When our inspiratory muscles start to fatigue, we begin to feel breathless and our body shunts blood away from our working muscles towards our lungs (to keep us alive). Strengthening the inspiratory muscles, delays their onset of fatigue, reducing breathlessness and allowing adequate blood to supplied to our working muscles for longer.

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POWERbreathe Training: The easiest 5% improvement in performance you will get!

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