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Try this modified version for a Low-Fat Christmas Dessert – Here


Carrot Cak Muffins

These tasty little treats are super most, and even healthy! They are great lunch box snacks for the kids, or an on the go snack when busy life takes hold.

They also freeze really well! Recipe Here


Chicken & Veggie Massaman Curry

Recipe Here



Apple Pie Oats

Oats have to be one of the quickest, most nutritious breakfasts going, and so cheap too! They are that cosy winter warmer, and a good source of fibre to keep you feeling full throughout the morning.  Recipe Here



Healthy & Tasty Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat is not a grain it is actually a fruit seed related to the rhubarb family, which makes it gluten free and coeliac friendly!

Find Recipe Here


Magnesium Rich Protein Balls
Magnesium nutrition facts & receipe:
1 cup light peanut butter provides 99% of a person’s magnesium requirement*
80g of Brazil Nuts provides 85% of a person’s magnesium requirement*
100g of Cashews provides 73% of a person’s magnesium requirement*
100g of Almonds provides 67% of a person’s magnesium requirement*
4tbs Cocoa powder provides 24% of a person’s magnesium requirement*

Lunchbox Ideas for your Kids
Eat Smart’s High Fibre Smoothie Bowl

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Eat Smart’s top tips on surviving Christmas

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Homemade energy bars for a substantial snack on active days

Click here for these amazing recipes yummy



gold coast phyiso and sports health

High Fibre Smoothie Bowl




 Checkout Apple Mint Salad
For this great Snack Recipe Click Here




sports dietitian gold coast physio massageLemon, Coconut & Cashew Goodie Balls
For this great Snack Recipe Click Here




Spring Lamb, kale, haloumi, pomegranate & pumpkin warm spring salad

Check out this great recipe to bring in Spring Click here




Try our delicious Hazelnut Cacao Goodie Balls 

For all recipe and cooking instructions Click here




Performance Muesli Bars

Every athlete’s best friend

Training food should taste good and be good for you click here


Great Summer BBQ Ideas

Try these out this summer on the BBQ for a healthier you

Fire up your taste buds right here


Sports Physio Burleigh Runaway Bay Labrador

Looking for winter breakfast ideas? Prefer savoury to sweet? We have you covered!

Start cooking right here



What is the difference between milk substitutes?

So if you’ve decided non-dairy milk is right for you or if you’ve been diagnosed as lactose intolerant/sensitive, milk alternatives can be a great way to help to meet your bodies nutritional and energy needs.

So what is the right one for you? Find out here

Try our delicious Peanut Butter Protein Balls recipe 
Perfect as a pre work out or post training snack.

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Sports Massage Physio PilatesDo You Eat More In Winter?

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