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Equipment for Rehab & Training:

Alter-G treadmill at Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health Runaway Bay clinic

Gold Coast Physio & Sports Heath TV:

Our video productions

Our Training Tips:

Why do I keep on getting injured?

Insight into life as a sports team’s head Physio: The Jillaroos

Injuries, Pathology & Body Regions:

Muscle Compensations

Why does my Pain come back?

How do you know if you have a bone stress fracture?

Tendon Injuries – ‘How to fix’ Update

Do you suffer from incontinence? You are not alone!

Osteoarthritis – What is it & What you can do about it

Hip, Knee & Shin Injuries
What is Gluteal/Hip Tendinopathy
Is my Hip Pain Bursitis?

“Footballers Groin Pain” What is it?

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT)

The ITB – What is it ? Why does it hurt ? How to treat it!
Knee pain when you Run or Ride? It could be ITB Friction
The most common reason for Knee pain: Patello-Femoral (“P-F”) Knee pain

Do you suffer from Shin Splints?
What are Shin Splints?

Ankle & Foot Injuries
Are you experiencing foot pain? – Metatarsal Stress Fractures
Ankle Injuries
Ankle Sprain Injuries are NOT harmless
Plantar Foot Pain and Plantar Fascitis: pain under the bottom of your foot
Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Upper Limb
Shoulder Pain from the AC Joint
Elbow Pain when playing sport? It could be “Tennis Elbow”
Shoulder Pain In Multisport Athletes Part I
Shoulder Pain in Multisport Athletes Part II

Spine Region

10 Facts about Low Back Pain

Managing Whiplash
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
Do you suffer from Vertigo?
Do you suffer from Vertigo Part II
Thoracic spine (upper back) mobility, why it’s so important to everyone!
Poor Posture/Upper Cross Syndrome….Have you got it?

Specific Sports


Searching for Good Run Technique?
Run Technique Training & Re-Training
How to run faster & Injury free
Can I Barefoot Run?
Tips for Trail Run Training
Benefits versus Risk of Trail Running
Winning the Great Barrier Reef 74km Ultra-run. How, What & Why?
5 Tips to Survive Kokoda Challenge by Ultrarunner Caine Warburton
Surviving Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast


Eight Steps to an Injury-Free Triathlon Season
Do you know your Injury Risk as a Triathlete?
Injury Differences in Short vs Long Course Triathlon

Cycling & Mountain Bike

Cycling injuries & getting the right bike fit
If you Ride a Bike, you should Read This
Mountain Biking Top Tips
Cycling Injuires & getting the Right BikFit
Stretching for Cyclists- part 1)

Swimming Specific Exercises & Stretches
Basic Activation Exercises
Foam Roller Exercises
Lower Limb Exercises
– Upper Body Stretches
Thoracic Spine Extensions

Common Injuries in Gymnastics and their treatment

Injury Prevention for Dancers- just like elite athletes

Olympic Weightlifting Training
Common Injuries in Olympic Weightlifting Training

5 Tips to help keep you on the Netball Court (and not injured on the sidelines)

Treatment Techniques:

Dry Needling – What is it, how does it work, and is it for me?

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Cupping

What is the difference between a “Remedial Massage Therapist” & some-one advertising they do “Massage”?
How Can Massage Help Lower Back Pain
Should I get a Sports Massage before I race?
How can Massage & Exercise improve your Lymphatic System (Immune System)
Belly Massage what you need to know
How can Remedial Massage help your Low Back Pain?
Why schedule a deep tissue massage?

Body Maintenance & Recovery:

Compression Clothing in Sports – Why & When to use
Benefits of Compression Garments
Hydration in Sport & Exercise
Recovery is needed to compete at Your Best – but what really IS Recovery, partI?
Recovery part II: Sleep
Recovery part III: Active Recovery
Recovery… An overlooked Factor Affecting Optimal Performance

Listening To Your Body To Prevent Injuries

Exercises when travelling to prevent blood clots

How to help Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

To Stretch or not to Stretch?The Facts about Stretching: Who should stretch and why

What is a Sports Musculoskeletal (MSK) Screening?

A new supplement that is Sports Dieitian approved to help stimulate collagen formation for injury recovery

Exercises, Strengthening & Core Stability:

Exercise Testing at Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health
Over 40 years young? What Happens to your Muscles as you Age.
Lets talk about Core Stability in Athletes: What is it & how does it improve your performance?
Are you an Endurance Athlete who doesn’t do any strength training?
Do you Breathe Correctly? the role of the Diaphragm muscle in core stability
Muscle Group Strength Testing using a hand-held Dynamometer available at GCPSH
Exercising During & Post-Pregnancy – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Using Real-Time Ultrasound for Assessment of Muscle Function

Benefits Of Pilates
Pilates – Living the moment

Sports Psychology:

Mindfulness for Stress Relief and Performance – Read Here
Sports Psychology Research Opportunity – Find YOUR Optimal Psychological State for Peak Performance
Get the latest Relaxation APP for your Smart Phone – must have for all athletes!

Sports Dietetics / Sports Nutrition from EatSmart Nutrition:

Cramping in a Marathon/Ultra-run- should you take a magnesium supplement? Read Here
Spring Cleaning Your Nutrition- Clean out Tips here
Do you eat more in Winter? Here’s what to do about it…
What is a Healthy Snack? Read about snacks here…
Refuel, Repair and Rehydrate for Recovery: Read more here
Tips to maximise your nutrition for Endurance Events: Read here
What to Pack in a School Lunchbox: Read Here
How to Test whether you are Hydrating Correctly during Exercise: Read Here
Do you know why you need protein for training and what requires more protein? Read
Non-hungry eating: How to listen to your body  Read

Podiatry from Gold Coast Foot Centres:

Managing In-grown Toenails Read here
Football Boot Review Read here
Footcare advice

Product Reviews:

Thule Charriot CX2 Review by Britt Caling 
BodyScience Custom Training & Race Gear

Media Articles:

Britt’s article on Returning to Training Post Op (Multisport Magazine March 2016)
Britt’s Q&A Women’s Running Magazine March/April 2014
Physio Sarah Bombell Performing