2XU Compression Range

2XU (pronounced “two times you”) performance and compression garments are designed to enhance your performance, prevent injury & promote faster recovery. 2XU compression garments are constructed using quality materials and 360 degree circular knit technology, making them stronger, more compressive and more durable than other brands.

They have been tested to be up to 20% more compressive and 40% more durable than Skins and other brands of sports compression gear. 2XU is an Australian based company & is relied upon by the AIS, Australian Triathlon Team and many other national and international sporting teams.

If you are looking to purchase an item within the 2XU range that is not currently stocked at Gold Coast Physio and Sports Health, we are happy to order in at discounted prices for current clients.

For more information on how Compression garments can help your athletic performance or reduce your risk of DVT when flying, click here