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A GREAT Gold Coast Physio & Sports Health idea to help your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS to lose weight , get fit or stay uninjured with your run training:
NEW affordable ALTER-G TREADMILL COSTS. Now its simple.

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10 Great Reason to use the Alter-G Treadmill

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For those runners who get injured easily running overground, Alter-G supplementary sessions at reduced body weight forces are prefect to help you add run volume with reduced risk of injury
Running in a reduced-load environment reduces the load on the lower limbs which has shown several benefits. For example, pre- or post-marathon for a quicker return to training

Develop your Barefoot Running for improved running strength and technique
The Alter-G Treadmill belt is a great surface to train on to strengthen you feet and with reduced body-weight forces, Alter-G is perfect for improving your run technique with some barefoot running. For more information about the benefits of Barefoot running, read here

Improve your Run or Walk Technique with use of the gait Camera’s
We have camera’s located at the front, rear and side of the Alter-G treadmill so you can watch your lower limb technique when running. Combine this with some great technique cures from our experienced Physio’s or Exercise Physiologists and you will be running more efficiently and with less pain in no time

Older bodies may be able Continue running or walking longer into your life, even with conditions such as Arthritis and reduce the risk of falls
Exercise programs have long been considered the cornerstone of falls prevention programs.  Exercise aims to increase flexibility and strength, improve proprioception and balance, and develop co-ordination and agility.  There is evidence that a moderate exercise program can help reduce falls.  The enclosed structure of the Alter-G treadmill enables individuals to exercise in a safe and comfortable environment, hence providing a valuable tool in their falls prevention program

Earlier mobility post-surgery in a safe environment
Early mobilisation after surgery can help orientate healing tissue fibres, reduce scar tissue, prevent muscular deconditioning, improve joint range of motion and promote early independence and confidence .

Accelerated weight-loss for those who have difficulty running or walking
Lose weight and exercise more intensively without the stress on the body. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends more than 150 minutes per week of moderate to intense physical activity may be needed for weight loss

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